StellarMate Plus supports a broad range of camers (CCD/CMOS). Find out if your camera is supported in the INDI Camera Portal.

StellarMate Plus includes 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports, it natively supports USB 3.0 cameras using full bandwidth. While USB 3.0+ cameras are compatible, if you plug them in USB 2.0 ports, they will operate with a reduced speed. For applications other than Electronically-Assisted-Astronomy (EAA) where a high FPS is required, USB 2.0 is sufficient for most scenarios.

Cameras' power can be either external (AC) or internal (battery) or supplied by the USB bus connection. They can be either connected directly to StellarMate or to to an external USB hub.


Unreliable & Unstable Power is the primary cause for majority of camera issues. Ensure the camera is properly powered to avoid instabilities. StellarMate controller ships with a 3A 5v power adapter. StellarMate OS users should invest in a similar adapter.

The classes of cameras supported by StellarMate:

  • CCD Cameras.
  • CMOS Cameras.
  • Web Cameras.
  • DSLRs

StellarMate supports cameras with built-in Filter Wheels and ST4 port for pulse-guiding.