Program copyright 2001-2015 The KStars Team (mutlaqja AT ikarustech.com)

The KStars Team:

  • Jason Harris (kstars AT 30doradus.org)
  • Jasem Mutlaq (mutlaqja AT ikarustech.com)
  • Pablo de Vicente (pvicentea AT wanadoo.es)
  • Heiko Evermann (heiko AT evermann.de)
  • Thomas Kabelmann (tk78 AT gmx.de)
  • Mark Hollomon (mhh AT mindspring.com)
  • Carsten Niehaus (cniehaus AT gmx.de)
  • James Bowlin (bowlin AT mindspring.com)
  • Alexey Khudyakov (alexey.skladnoy AT gmail.com)
  • Mederic Boquien (mboquien AT free.fr)
  • Akarsh Simha (akarsh.simha AT kdemail.net)
  • Jerome Sonrier (jsid AT emor3j.fr.eu.org)
  • Prakash Mohan (prakash.mohan AT kdemail.net)
  • Victor Carbune (victor.carbune AT kdemail.net)
  • Henry de Valence (hdevalence AT gmail.com)
  • Samikshan Bairagya (samikshan.bairagya AT kdemail.net)
  • Rafal Kulaga (rl.kulaga AT gmail.com)
  • Rishab Arora (ra.rishab AT gmail.com)

Data Sources:

  • Object catalogs and planet position tables: NASA Astronomical Data Center
  • Detailed credit information for all of the images used in the program is presented in the file README.images


  • “Practical Astronomy With Your Calculator” by Peter Duffet-Smith
  • “Astronomical Algorithms” by Jean Meeus

Special thanks: To the KDE and Qt™ developers for providing the world with a peerless set of free API libraries. To the KDevelop team, for their excellent IDE, which made developing KStars so much easier and more fun. To everyone on the KDevelop message board, the KDE mailing lists, and on irc.kde.org, for answering our frequent questions. Thank you to Anne-Marie Mahfouf, for inviting KStars to join the KDE-Edu module. Finally, thanks to everyone who has submitted bug reports and other feedback. Thank you, everyone.

Documentation copyright 2001-2015 Jason Harris and the KStars Team (kstars AT 30doradus.org)

This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.