You must first complete the First Time Setup guide before proceeding with this tutorial.

By default, StellarMate operates in HotSpot mode. Even if configured for WiFi connection or LAN, StellarMate always switches back to HotSpot mode when the other connection modes become unavailable. This is to enable you to always access the device regardless of network availability.

StellarMate gadget is shipped with a 1.8 meters HDMI cable. Connect the cable to any monitor or TV. Make sure the cable is connected to StellarMate before powering on the unit.

Unless the HDMI connection purpose is for viewing only, you also need a keyboard + mouse to control to the StellarMate OS. You can use wired or wireless mouse and keyboards.

StellarMate unit is shipped with a full-featured Linux┬« Operation System that you can directly access. The default username and password are:



This is the same username and password you will use when accessing the unit over Web VNC as well. It is highly recommended to change the default password after your first login to the system.