When an equipment profile is started, the Ekos tab becomes active. In the Ekos screen, you can capture images, stream video, and create image sequences. Furthermore, it provides the following facilities:

  • Modules
    1. Focus: Focus your camera either automatically via an electronic focuser, or manually by adjusting the focus while framing, or by using Bahtinov Mask Assistant. Create presets for different configurations and set advanced settings to control the star detection and focusing algorithms.
    2. Align: Align your mount to get highly accurate GOTOs and to ensure you target is always in the center. You can also load an existing image to plate solve and then command the mount to go to the exact center in the sky.
    3. Guide: Guiding enables long-exposure astrophotography by ensuring your mount tracks accurately with time. It can automatically select and lock a guide star and send correction pulses to the mount to keep it always centered.
    4. Capture: create, edit, and delete presets, job sequencing, Filter Settings, Limit Settings, Calibration Settings, File Settings.
    5. Mount: tracking on/off, park/unpark, Meridian Flip, Limit Settings (Alt and HA Limits), and Pier Side.
    6. Observatory: park/unpark cap, park/unpark dome, dome goto absolute position and current angle representation.
    7. INDI Control Panel: INDI Control Panel provides an interface to interact with the drivers of the devices connected to Stellarmate.

  • Quick Controls: Quick Controls are simplified quick-access settings for the camera, mount, and rotator located on the top-right panel. They can be toggled at any time. Once toggled, the corresponding control is overlayed on the top of your existing view where you can quickly and efficiently control your devices.

    1. Mount: park/unpark, tracking on/off, mount speed, GOTO/Sync, and directional pad control.
    2. Camera: preview, loop, video stream, live stacking, and quick settings.
    3. Rotator: goto absolute position and CCW/CW step rotation.

  • Mount Status Bar

Shows the status of the mount if it is parking/unparking, slewing, tracking, etc. as well as the target. Moreover, the Right Ascension, Declination, Azimuth, Alt-Azimuth, and Pier Side are also shown in the status bar.

  • Histogram

       When available, clicking the histogram button in the main image view toggles the non-linear histogram. The histogram is generated for both mono and rgb images.