Thank you for purchasing StellarMate! Please follow this guide before you starting using your StellarMate Gadget.

After unboxing your package, you should have the following items:

  1. StellarMate Plus Unit.
  2. 1.8m mini HDMI Cable.
  3. 3A 5V USB-C Power Supply (Plug type is selected in checkout).
  4. 2-meter 12V DC to 5V DC USB-C cable. This can be plugged to any 12V field battery to power StellarMate.
  5. Quick Start Guide.
  6. MicroSD Card 32GB U1 or larger depending on checkout selection (already inserted to StellarMate Plus with SM OS 1.5.3).
  7. Optional Mount to USB cable (can be purchased separately on checkout).


A 32GB (or more, depending on your order) MicroSD card is already inserted into the StellarMate Gadget when it is shipped. It might have moved or detached during shipping, please make sure it is secured into its designated slot at the bottom of the unit.

Connect the USB-C power supply cable to StellarMate Plus and then turn power on. You should initially see a solid red light with occasional flashes of green. Wait for 30 seconds, your StellarMate Plus is now ready to be used!