The Configure KStars window allows you to modify a wide range of display options. You can access the window with the configure toolbar icon, or by selecting Configure KStars... from the Settings menu. The window is depicted below:

The Configure KStars window is divided into eleven pages: Catalogs, Solar System, Satellites, Supernovae, Guides, Colors, FITS, INDI, Ekos, Xplanet and Advanced.

In the Catalogs page, you determine which object catalogs are displayed in the map along with several properties.

In the Solar System page, you can specify whether the Sun, Moon, planets, comets and asteroids are displayed.

The Satellites page allows you to set the satellites view options.

The Supernovae page allows you to manage how supernovae are displayed by KStars.

The Guides page lets you toggle whether non-objects are displayed (i.e., constellation lines, constellation names, the Milky Way contour).

The Colors page allows you to set the color scheme, and to define new custom color schemes.

For detailed explanation of the options on the FITS page see the Configure FITS section.

For detailed explanation of the options on the INDI page see the Configure INDI section.

For detailed explanation of Ekos astrophotography suite, see the Ekos section of this manual.

The Xplanet page provides fine-grained control over Solar system planet surface renderer Xplanet (should be installed separately).

The Advanced page provides fine-grained control over the more subtle behaviors of KStars.