When StellarMate is first started, it shall create a HotSpot (Access Point) named stellarmate. This is HotSpot SSID and the hostname of the unit. This information is required when you connect to the unit from browsers. The HotSpot SSID is protected.

HotSpot SSIDstellarmate

HotSpot Passwordstellar@mate

To access StellarMate through VNC, you have to first connect to the WiFi Hotspot and then open your favorite browser and you can either:

  • Go to stellarmate.local:6080 directly, click Connect and then use smate as the password.
  • Go to stellarmate.local, and then click on the button on the bottom-right corner, then select Desktop, you should be redirected to the VNC portal, click Connect and then use smate as the password.