Some mounts support wired networked connection via a dedicated Ethernet port. Depending on the mount manufacturer, the mount can be either connected directly via an Ethernet cable (StellarMate to Mount direct), or the mount can be connected to a wired router where it can be accessed over the network. Consult the mount manual to find which mode it supports and what is the default IP address and port of the mount once it is connected to the network.

  • Direct Ethernet: When connecting a Direct ethernet cable without a router in between, an automatic IPv4 address is created. The automatic IP address is usually in the form of 169.254.XXX.XXX. In order for StellarMate to communicate with the mount, the exact IP address and port must be specified in the INDI Control Panel. StellarMate can also be configured to any IP address manually in order to communicate with whatever IP schema used by the mount.
  • Ethernet LAN: If the mount can be connected to a router, it should be able to obtain an IP address automatically from the router. Access your router configuration page and find the IP address assigned to the mount. Use this IP address in the INDI Control Panel in order to establish communication with it. The port number should be listed in your mount manual.