EQMod position is incorrect on startup?

The Default Position for EQMod after power up is the home position. The home position is defined as the position where the mount is facing the celestial pole with the weights down. For northern hemisphere users, the mount needs to point roughly at polaris.

  home position

In rare circumstances, users might see the initial position for EQMod in Ekos to be wrong. Unless you set it to a custom parking position, it should always start near the celestial pole. An off position might look like this:

eqmod bad position


To fix this issue, please perform the following steps:

  1. If the mount is not already unparked, unpark it (click the green flag in the toolbar).
  2. Go to INDI Control Panel --> EQMod --> Site Management and click on Purge Data under Park Options.  eqmod purge data
  3. Power off the mount.
  4. If the mount is not pointed at the celestial pole with the weights down, adjust it manually until you reach this position.
  5. Power on the mount.
  6. Start the Ekos equipment profile again.

Now EQMod should point toward the celestial pole and a new default parking position is recorded. If you still have issues after performing these steps, please open a ticket in the support area.