Help! Red light is on but green light is off! Is my unit broken?

No, it's not broken. That's the normal behavior. Here are what the LED lights mean:


  • Keeps steady on when powered.
  • Flashes if the power drops below ~4.63V.

Green LED

  • Steady on if no SD card during boot.

  • irregular flashes for SD card access.

So if the Green LED is off, it means there isn't much activity going on. If you cannot detect StellarMate HotSpot on your phone, please use the supplied HDMI cable and connect it to an external TV/Monitor. Check what you get on the TV:

  • If you see StellarMate OS desktop, then the unit is working fine. Check the network settings. stellarmate tools
    1. Attach a keyboard and mouse (wireless would work as well).
    2. Click on StellarMate Tools App.
    3. Click on Network Reset. Confirm network reset.
    4. Reboot the unit.
  • If you see error messages on the console, there there is a problem in booting up the Operating System. If you have StellarMate OS image, then the best course of action is to reflash the image. Check the integrety of the microSD cards as they tend to degrade with time. If you do not have StellarMate OS image, Contact support so we can help you resolve this issue.