I cannot connect to my mount, what's wrong?

Depending on your mount type, you can connect to your telescope mount using different connection types:

  • USB: This is the most common type of connection type between StellarMate and the mount. The connection usually requires RS232 Serial to USB connector where the USB end is connected to StellarMate while the serial plug connects to the handset (or sometimes directly to mount).
  • Bluetooth: Limited supported for Bluetooth dongles for some mounts. Please chech StellarMate Manual for more details.
  • Ethernet/WiFi: Connects to the mount over Ethernet or WiFi network. In the Mount driver connection tab, switch the mount to Ethernet mode and set the host name and port where your mount is running.

In case Ekos reports it failed to communicate with the mount still, please make sure of the following:

  1. Read your specific mount driver documentation.
  2. Telescope is properly powered and connected via RS232 to your PC (in case of USB connection).
  3. RS232 or RS232-to-USB cable is firmly connected at the mount and PC USB port.
  4. Telescope is aligned (2 or 3 star alignment).
  5. Use StellarMate Serial Port Assistant to assign permenant designation in situations where you have multiple USB-to-Serial devices.
  6. Ensure the port specified is the correct port. Usually your port is /dev/ttyUSB0 but sometimes if you unplug and plug the USB cable again, you might get port /dev/ttyUSB1. Use dmesg to find out which port your mount is connected to if all of the above fails.

Before contacting support, please make sure to enable the logs and submit them in the ticket.