How to install StellarMate OS on a another MicroSD?

If you have purchased StellarMate from a retailer, please submit a new ticket and attach your order receipt and tell us if you don't see an order in the Orders page.

To be able to use a different MicroSD than the already built-in one, you need to flash StellarMate OS onto your MicroSD.

1. Login to the website and then go to the Orders page.

2. You should see a list of  your orders. Click on your order link, then scroll down to see the downloads. Make sure to download the SM OS version appropiate for your hardware platform.

orders page

3. Download balenaEtcher, and install it, then open it.

balenaEtcher download

4. Connect an SD card reader to your computer with the MicroSD card inside.

5. Open Etcher and select from your hard drive the StellarMate OS  .xz file you just downloaded to write it to the MicroSD card.

balenaEtcher flash from file

balenaEtcher flash from file dialog

6. Select the MicroSD card you wish to write your image to.

balenaEtcher select target

balenaEtcher select target dialog

7. Review your selections and click 'Flash!' to begin writing data to the SD card.

balenaEtcher flash

8. When it's done, connect the MicroSD to StellarMate and power it up!