How to use Celestron SCT focuser?

Celestron Focus Motor is supported in StellarMate. It can be connected either directly to the AUX port of the mount, or via USB cable to StellarMate.

If the focuser is connected via USB, then you need to select Celestron SCT focuser driver in your equipment profile in order to control it.

celestron sct focuser profile

Connectiong via AUX is only supported in the Celestron Nexstar/GPS drivers as explained below.

StellarMate provides two different Celestron drivers:

  • Celestron Nexstar/GPS driver: If focuser is connected via AUX port, this driver would automatically recognize the focuser and provides complete control for it.
  • Celestron AUX/Evolution driver: This driver does not support control of the focuser via the AUX port, and therefore the focuser must be connected via USB and controlled via its own dedicated Celestron SCT focuser driver.