Why do I get "EkosLive is Down" message when connecting to StellarMate?

Usually this message is displayed when there is a communication error between your phone/tablet and StellarMate. Try to check the following steps:

  1. If you have Mobile Data enabled on your phone, then disable it as this might interfer with your connection to StellarMate Hotspot.
  2. Double check you are fully connected to the hotspot, sometimes Android/iOS do not fully connect, check network settings for any warnings. If possible, click Keep This Connection.
  3. Check if you can reach StellarMate WiFi using your tablet browser. Open the browser and then go to You should see StellarMate Dashboard if all connection is OK.
  4. If you changed your username, then this automatically invalidates your license and you need to be re-issued a new license. Please contact support to request this. After a new license is generated for you, uninstall the App completely and then reinstall it so that the new license is downloaded.
  5. If you cannot connect with StellarMate WiFi at all, double check the power. It must be supplied 5v@3A.
  6. If no response at all after reboot (i.e. not hotspot created), try to connect HDMI cable to the mini-HDMI port closest to the USB-C power port and connect it to an external monitor. Do you see any messages? Please send a screenshot to support.
  7. If all above fails, you can try re-flashing StellarMate OS image unto the SD card (or a new SD card).
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