Ekos Live Pro

Ekos Live Pro provides unlimited access to Cloud-based Ekos Live Service covering the following features:

  • Mount Control
  • Camera Control
  • Auto Focus
  • Auto Guide
  • Alignment

Furthermore, EkosLive Pro grants exclusive upgrades to our Pro users:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Do not worry about running out of the limited bandwidth in the Free plan. Use EkosLive from your tablet/phone and forget about limitations.
  • Live Video: Watch live video feeds from your camera using highly optimized codecs.
  • Cloud Storage: Store all your images on the cloud with full metadata support. Tag images and filter them using advanced criteria to get the images you need at any time and from any where.
  • Polar Alignment Assistant: Use the Polar Alignment Assistant (PAA) tool to get highly accurate polar alignment using simple to follow instructions.
Trial duration: 5 Days
Trial price: Free
Duration: 1 Year
Price: $59.99