StellarMate software are available on two channels:

  1. Stable: Updated after a lot of testing and feedback is released from users. Usually on quaterly basis.
  2. Beta: Nightly builds where most of the bugs fixes and new features land. It is unstable and should only be used to test out new features.

It is recommended to stay on the default Stable build unless there is a good reason (like new hardware support) in the beta release.

Software Channels

You can switch the software channel via the StellarMate App.

StellarMate must be connected to the internet in order to update and switch software channels.

To switch software channels in the StellarMate App, go to the Device tab in the App and scroll to the Software section. Make sure StellarMate is connected to the internet (via Ethernet cable or WiFi) before you switch the channels.

thumb device software update 

Switching channels would take a few minutes to complete depending on your internet connection.

Software Updates

To check for new updates, click the orange refresh icon. If there are new updates to install, you can click on the blue install icon to proceed as illustrated below. Once all updates are installed, it's recommended to restart StellarMate.

thumb device software install