StellarMate allows connecting bluetooth mounts easily through StellarMate Web Manager, all you have to do is follow these steps:

Connecting to a Bluetooth Device

1. Open StellarMate Web Manager

2. Click on Serial Port Assistant  random solid

serial port assistant click

3. Click on  Next.


4. Check the  Bluetooth device checkbox, and then click  Next.

bluetooth check

5. If you have already paired your device to StellarMate before, you can set it to Auto-bind on startup by clicking on the Bind  button next to the device's details. You will be met with a dialog that confirms that your device has been binded to StellarMate.

bind paired

6. If you have not paired your device and would like to add a new device, click on the  Add New Device button.

add new device

7. The Bluetooth Wizard will now scan for available bluetooth devices.


8. If the scanner does not find any devices, click on  RESCAN.


9. If you find your device, enter the pin code and then click on the Connect  button. (eg. Shoestring Astronomy HC-06's pin code is 1234, you can find the pin code number by finding the bluetooth device's documentation made by the manufacturer) 


10. Wait a few seconds until a pop-up dialog shows up to confirm if the pairing and binding process was successful or not.


Unbinding a Bluetooth Device

To stop a device from being auto-binded on startup, go to the Bluetooth Wizard by following steps 1-4 and then click on  Unbind Previous Device.


A confirmation dialog will be shown to you.