StellarMate Controller provides Four (4) USB 2.0 ports. These ports are used to communicate and power USB devices. Some USB devices consume their power from the USB port, while others (like CCD cameras) rely on external power source. Therefore, using multiple devices can put a stress on the unit and the devices might not get all the power they require in order to properly operate which might lead to issues such as poor performance or lockups.

An external powered USB hub is recommended when multiple USB devices are used. However, not all USB hubs are created equal. Some USB hubs do not properly relay all the USB protocol information to StellarMate which leads to problems in identifying and operating devices.

The follow list includes the powered USB hub that are known to work, or know NOT to work.

Good Powered USB Hubs

Bad Powered USB Hubs

Please share your own experience with using powered USB hubs in the INDI Forum.